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RunTime error

Apr 1, 2014 at 2:50 PM
I'm probably doing something really silly, but can't seem to figure it out
I have the following code in,
Private Function IdentLang(s As String) As String
            Dim factory = New RankedLanguageIdentifierFactory()
            Dim identifier = factory.Load("Core14.profile.xml")
            Dim languages = identifier.Identify(s)

            Dim mostCertainLanguage = languages.FirstOrDefault()

            If mostCertainLanguage IsNot Nothing Then
                Return mostCertainLanguage.Item1.Iso639_3

            End If

            Return ""
        End Function
but I keep getting execption
"Public member 'FirstOrDefault' on type 'OrderedEnumerable(Of Tuple(Of LanguageInfo,Double),Double)' not found."

mostCertainLanguage = languages.FirstOrDefault()
In debug, I can see the list is populated and teh fisrt language in the list is the correct one.

Am I amissing something here?