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NTextCatLegacy -h
to get help on how to use application

  • print help message:
NTextCatLegacy -h
  • for guessing:
NTextCatLegacy [-a Int] [-d Dir] [-f Int] [-i N] [-l] [-t Int] [-u Int] [-v]
  • for creating new language model, based on text read from file or standard input (if filename is not specified):
NTextCatLegacy -n[=filename] [-v]

Command Line Switch Description Default if not specified
-?, --help, -h Prints out the options. n/a
-n, --train[=filename] Trains from the file specified in filename or from input stream (if filename is not specified). identifies language of input
-s Determine language of each line of input. n/a
-a=VALUE The program returns the best-scoring language together with all languages which are 1.05 times worse (cf option -u). If the number of languages to be printed is larger than the value of this option then no language is returned, but instead a message that the input is of an unknown language is printed. 10
-d=VALUE Indicates in which directory the language models are located (files ending in .lm). Currently only a single directory is supported. LanguageModels\TextCat\LM
-f=VALUE Before sorting is performed the Ngrams which occurthis number of times or less are removed. This can be used to speed up the program for longer inputs. For short inputs you should use -f 0. 0
-i=VALUE Only read first N lines reads all lines
-l=VALUE Indicates that input is given as an argument on the command line, e.g. text_cat -l "this is english text" Cannot be used in combination with -n. read input from stdin
-t=VALUE Indicates the topmost number of ngrams that should be used. If used in combination with -n this determines the size of the output. If used with categorization this determines the number of ngrams that are compared with each of the language models (but each of those models is used completely). 400
-u=VALUE Determines how much worse result must be in order not to be mentioned as an alternative. Typical value: 1.05 or 1.1. 1.05
-v Verbose. Continuation messages are written to standard error. not verbose
-noprompt Prevents text input prompt from being shown. prompt is shown

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